The Author

I am Matilda TheeGreat, a poetess, writer, artist and an activist. I am the author of “The Foreign Me!, whose collections of pieces include “Moment of Weakness, Nothing of Me, Perfect World, Am I A Rebel?, Xo Dlozi!, Bloody Poems and others. I am a million voices of my ancestors who suffered crucifixition during the days of slavery and World Wars. I am revealing the hidden black world that was buried in time by the Caucasians.


Writing poetry is one of my ways to meditate and share the sounds of my mind with free thinkers. Also, it’s a better mechanism to express myself.



The Foreign Me! is a well written meditating poetry book relates to Afrakan identity, culture, environment, humanity, racism and the Second World War events. The theme of the book is to reveal the circle of our black world that was buried in time by the light skinned.

The Foreign Me!

The Foreign Me!